Brian Price

Brian Price

Brian Price is the founder and owner of 3 Sixty Tactical. As a young man, Brian's passion for self-defense was ignited by the disciplines of karate. These disciplines helped foster his success as a Division I athlete and coach. Now, Brian brings his 20 plus years of coaching and teaching to our clients. Now his passion is rooted in helping others achieve confidence in themselves through the skills and techniques of self-defense.

Brian's achievements include; A black belt in Goju-Ryu karate, and certifications as an NRA Pistol instructor, SC Concealed Weapon Permit Instructor, Range Safety Officer and CPR Instructor. Brian has been a CWP holder for over 10 years.

3 Sixty Tactical’s mission is to equip clients with the confidence, tools and resources they need to safely and effectively carry and use their firearm. We seek to empower clients, from beginners to enthusiasts, through tactical training, safety, education.

Whether you are brand new to the journey of owning a firearm or seeking your final training for certification, we have the comprehensive knowledge and resources to complete your journey.